Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Angela Glymph PhD CEO of Peer Health Exchange, the originators of an app called Selfsea, which designed as "a peer-to-peer platform with mental health resources, support, and stories from young people who have been there."

According to their website Selfsea, users of all ages can check out engaging content and original videos created by young people and join their safe and affirming community forums.

Selfsea is:

An app designed by, with, and for young people to find community, health resources, and more. This is the evolution of the last 20 years of our work helping young people live healthier lives.

In my interview, Angela talks about the Peer Health Exchange along with the creation of the Selfsea app, why it was started, how it benefits pre-teens and teens, and why it's important for parents to get involved as well.

Some of the important questions I asked Angela:

  • How has the topic of mental health changed among young people over time, both good and bad? 
  • Do they teach anything in schools about how to address your mental health?
  • How has PHE evolved since the pandemic, not being able to work with young people directly? 
  • What can parents do to help support their children's mental health? 
  • What type of topics does Selfsea help with? 
  • How can young people find these resources? 
  • What can parents do to help support their children's mental health? 
  • Should parents also look into Selfsea?

Take a listen below, pre-teens, teens and parents as well, and learn what Selfsea is all about.

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