The Broome County Sheriff’s office is investigating a scam where victims get calls from someone saying they are a Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant who tells them they must complete paperwork and pay a fine for missing jury duty.

Bob Joseph/WNBF News
Bob Joseph/WNBF News

One big tip off that the call is a scam is when the fake cop tries to get the person to meet in the parking lot of the Sheriff’s office.

The Sheriff’s Office says Deputies and officers do not collect fines from the public, let alone in a parking lot.  Any money exchange is done within the confines of the office and in an official manner.

Authorities also have a helpful piece of information for the criminals:  the parking lot at the Broome County Sheriff’s office is a safe zone and is under 24-hour video surveillance.  Oh, and every license plate going in or going out of the parking lot is recorded.

Anyone who has received suspicious calls can report it immediately at (607) 778-1911, option 1.

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