Some motorists on a route between Oneonta and New York City November 12-13 could encounter some really slow-moving and prickly traffic.

A 75-foot tall, 45-foot diameter, 11-ton Norway Spruce is traveling from Daddy Al’s General Store in Oneonta to Rockefeller Center to become the official Christmas Tree at the plaza.

The colossal conifer was chopped down November 12 and hoisted by crane onto a 115-foot trailer to be transported with New York State Police escort downstate.

New York State Police Agnieszka Dembinska
New York State Police Agnieszka Dembinska

The epic evergreen is scheduled to arrive at Rockefeller Center on Saturday, November 14.

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The agency handling the release of information about the moving of the ponderous pine is not detailing the exact route of the convoy but motorists in the region should be aware of the possibility of some traffic delays.

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