Operation Safe Stop is on April 25th. The Johnson City Police Department reminds everyone that passing a stopped school bus with flashing red lights is dangerous and illegal.

Unfortunately, it still happens. On a personal note, I observed a motorist pass a stopped school bus with its lights flashing and the stop sign extended, just a couple of weeks ago. Even with other vehicles stopped all around this bus, the motorist passed by everyone just the same.

Hopefully, the bus camera caught the license plate. Fortunately, the students departing the bus did not have to cross the road, otherwise, the situation could have been even more serious.

handsome senior school bus driver looking at camera through window

The Johnson City Police Department notes that whether you are behind a stopped school bus or approaching it in the other direction, drivers must always stop, even on divided or multi-lane highways.

Operation Safe Stop

On April 25th (2024) Law enforcement agencies throughout New York State will observe Operation Safe Stop, promoting safety through education and enforcement. One of the things the JCPD will be participating in will be targeting school bus routes with a history of illegal passing complaints.
Sadly, almost 300 school bus passing violations have occurred in the first three months of 2024. That number should be zero. Add in all districts in Broome County, that number totals 862.
School Bus

For motorists who decide to ignore the stopped school bus law, a ticket may await them with fines between $250 to $400 along with five points against their license.

Remember, several Broome County school districts have buses equipped with stop-arm cameras that capture vehicles illegally passing stopped school buses, administered by the Broome County Office of Emergency Services.

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 For more information about the school bus Stop-Arm Program, visit the Go Broome County website.

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