With power back on to all but a scattering of New York State Electric and Gas customers statewide, the utility says it will start looking at their systems to make sure all the post-storm repairs this week are permanent.

New York State Electric and Gas photo


NYSEG says people may notice some low-flying helicopters around the region near electric system equipment for the next few days.

The problems started in the Greater Binghamton area around 7 a.m. December 1 with sleet and freezing rain over the Southern Tier.  That was followed by a little snow Sunday night, followed by a steady, heavy snow through the day Monday. 

The wet snow and winds gusting over 20 miles an hour brought down power lines and even more tree branches all around the region.

NYSEG says at one point more than 56,000 of its customers were impacted.

Crews spent December 2 and 3 working to repair systems and restore service to all areas.  That was complicated, however, by the remoteness of some locations which required specialized equipment and resources to get in and fix the problems.

New York State Electric and Gas photo

NYSEG says by 9:30 p.m. December 3 it only had around 160 customers from the initial event without power in Sullivan County.