The New York Division of Criminal Justice Services and the New York State Police have announced the minimum standards for concealed carry firearm safety training in New York.

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The guidelines create a variety of checks to ensure those who wish to conceal carry a firearm are properly trained on how to use and store the firearm.

Those seeking a concealed carry firearm permit must undergo 16 hours of in-person instruction which would cover a variety of topics. That training includes at least two hours of both training on firearm safety and maintenance and education on state and federal gun laws. Other training includes firearm storage, conflict de-escalation, encountering law enforcement, suicide prevention and at least one hour on basic principles of marksmanship.

For concealed carry firearm applicants who have already received the required training over the last five years, licensing officers can give credit to satisfy some of the requirements of the new guidelines.

After the 16 hours of instruction, students must score at least 80% on a written test and conduct two hours of live-fire training followed by a live-fire assessment test.

Following the U.S. Supreme Court decision in June which struck down New York's restrictions on concealed carry, Governor Kathy Hochul has taken aim at other gun safety measures. One such measure banned concealed carry in "sensitive targets" like hospitals and schools and banned concealed carry in every business in the state unless that business posted signage specifically welcoming concealed carry inside.

The minimum concealed carry restrictions are another method for New York to both discourage people from carrying a firearm and make sure that if they decide to carry one anyway, that they're properly trained and understand the risks that come with carrying a firearm.

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