People who live near a BAE Systems facility in the town of Union have been hearing what one resident described as a "really, really irritating" racket in recent weeks.

The noise has been emanating from the company's Power and Propulsion Systems building on Hayes Avenue in Endwell.

A woman who lives a few blocks away said it sounds like "an incredibly loud jet engine." She said the noise is "so unbearable" that "you can't hear yourself talk."

A BAE Systems spokeswoman said the noise "is part of the normal testing process for a particular product line." She said it's temporary and "this phase of testing will be completed soon."

The resident who complained about the disturbing sound said it she's been hearing it intermittently for the past month or two during the morning or afternoon. She said it sometimes lasts for five to ten minutes.

The Hayes Avenue situation is unrelated to the recent loud "hissing" sound people have heard from steam venting to the west on the Huron Campus.

The BAE Systems unit provides equipment for transit, military, marine and rail business around the world.

Inside the BAE Systems Power & Propulsion building on Hayes Avenue on October 9, 2019. (Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News)


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