According to a report by Mike Snider of USA Today, a 71-year-old Wayne County man has been arrested repeatedly for having 23 bird feeders on his lawn.

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The man has received multiple fines and been arrested three times due to violating a village ordinance which states residents can have a maximum of two bird feeders and that they must be at least five feet tall. The man arrested had 23 bird feeders lying directly on his front lawn.

Per Snider's report, Wayne County Sheriff Rob Milby said the feeders "not only attract birds, but it attracts every other creature within quite a distance, including herds of deer, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, everything. It's causing a problem in the neighborhood as far as a quality of life with the other residents."

Milby also alleged that the bird feeders were essentially just cookie sheets with bird feed and peanuts placed on the ground.

The man's neighbors have reportedly turned him in to local police repeatedly over the past year because of the annoyance that attracting the animals to the neighborhood causes. The Sodus Point Mayor even complained of receiving constant emails about the man and his birdfeeders.

Despite paying hundreds of dollars in fines over the past year, the man still had not addressed his bird feeders to be compliant with the town ordinance. This is what finally led to his being arrested for having an excessive number of improperly built bird feeders.

The man is scheduled to appear in court for the arrest on June 22.

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