What are your plans when you retire? That is if you ever plan on retiring? I'm not sure I will ever completely retire. I most likely will want to take on some part-time work, to keep a few bucks rolling in, but not enough work to keep me from enjoying my retirement years.

And the next question is, where will you spend your retirement years? Are you content living in the northeast part of the country, or would you pull up stakes and head to warmer, less snowy climates?

I think I would enjoy that option. I have a travel trailer, so I could sell my home, hook up the camper to a tow vehicle, and head out to see the country while I am healthy and can do so. And then maybe settle down in a warmer climate once I've got the travel bug out of my system.

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Many people have become full-time RV'ers as they are called, and love the experience, but it's not for everyone. Living full-time in an RV, travel trailer, 5th Wheel, etc., is a lot less room than you are used to living in a house or even an apartment.

But here's another thought. What about living your retirement years on a cruise ship? Apparently, it's a thing. According to the Upworthy website a couple from Seattle, Washington, who by the way are only in their 50s, sold their home and have taken up residence on cruise ships.

The article notes that the retired couple figured out it would be cheaper to live on a cruise ship than to pay the mortgage on the house where they lived. And they don't have to pay for food, since it's provided on the ship. They hop from ship to ship to experience different cruises, averaging about $44 dollars a night per person, and they have no plans to settle back on the mainland.

The Upworthy website mentions that the retired couple was able to make this dream come true due to spending a lifetime being responsible. I'm guessing, that savings, and spending less on things you don't need, help make this possible. Oh well, that counts me out.

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