Legislative leaders in Albany have been having discussions with Governor Andrew Cuomo about possible actions that may be pursued in the aftermath of the Connecticut elementary school shooting.

State Senate deputy majority leader Thomas Libous says while some lawmakers have been talking about tougher gun laws, he's particularly concerned about mental health issues.

Speaking on WNBF Radio's "Binghamton Now" program Thursday morning, Libous said there are people with some types of mental illness that "we need to know if there's guns in their homes."

The Binghamton Republican said there is discussion of creating a statewide registry of pistol permits.

Libous said: "I'm sure I'm going to upset some people by saying this... we have a county-by-county pistol registry. I'm not sure that makes a lot of sense. You might want to have some sort of a uniform registry statewide."

The senator said he's not sure whether he would support such a registry. He said he doesn't believe such a move is "unrealistic" but he'd have to make a judgment based on exactly how it would be set up.

Libous said whatever action is taken should be considered carefully. He said he hoped to prevent any "knee-jerk reaction."

The senator also noted there has been talk of putting armed guards in schools to prevent a recurrence of the massacre that occurred in Connecticut.

Libous also expressed concern about the effects of violent video games on some people. He noted killing in some games is made "kind of a second nature," something which concerns him.

Libous said restrictions or regulations on the sale of some video games would be worth discussing.

He said he has "a problem" with some games that are being sold because of the explicit and realistic depiction of violence.

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