gun control

Remember Binghamton
President Obama cited the 2009 mass shooting in Binghamton during his emotional call for more action to address gun violence.
Speaking at the White House Tuesday, the president noted he had spoken to the nation following a series of gun-related incidents which resulted in many deaths...
Ammunition exemption
The New York State Senate has approved a measure that would make retired police officers exempt from ammunition restrictions contained in the gun control law enacted in January.
The exemption was passed early Friday morning by a vote of 49 to 14...
Binghamton demonstration
People opposed to New York state's recently-enacted gun regulations demonstrated in downtown Binghamton this afternoon.
John O'Brien of the town of Chenango told WNBF News he helped organize the local event.
O'Brien said hundreds of signatures had been collected to show support for Broo…
Lupardo: Gun Control Plan Should Have Had Public Input
Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo says the gun control measures approved by the legislature would have been better if New Yorkers had been able to offer their ideas about what should be done to address gun violence.
Speaking on WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program, Lupardo said a lot of changes were co…
Libous: Statewide Pistol Registry Under Consideration
Legislative leaders in Albany have been having discussions with Governor Andrew Cuomo about possible actions that may be pursued in the aftermath of the Connecticut elementary school shooting.
State Senate deputy majority leader Thomas Libous says while some lawmakers have been talking about tougher …