The Knicks and Nets will meet for the second time this year, and even though Brooklyn has the edge, the Knicks have proven they can beat good teams.

The New York Knicks have always been the preferred team in the Big Apple NBA, but for the past two decades, the Nets have provided a better performance all around.

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While the New York Knicks have struggled, only making the post season four times in the past twenty years, and in three of those, they were eliminated in the first round.

The Nets have been their eleven times and have been to the NBA finals twice in the past twenty years.

The Knicks had an amazing run in the post season during the Patrick Ewing years, with fourteen straight post season appearances from the 1987-88 season to the 2000-01 season.

This year new head coach Tom Thibodeau has the Knicks playing at a higher level with a winning record for the first time in eight years, at 20-19 they are currently 7th in a tight Eastern Conference.

The Brooklyn Nets are clearly a favorite to win the NBA’s eastern Conference and possibly make it to the finals and win an NBA championship.

The Nets are 26-13 and just one game behind the first place Philadelphia 76ers in the Eastern Conference.

While the Knicks are playing better with a young squad of some high caliber players in the making, they are clearly not contenders in a best of playoff series, however they do have the potential to beat any team on a given day.

I like the way Brooklyn is playing they won 9 out of their last ten games, and this without Kevin Durant who they hope to have back before the post season.

James Harden is having another all star year and Kyrie Irving is following his lead with a series of high scoring bursts.

Although my heart will always follow the Knicks, The Brooklyn Nets are the superior team in the Big Apple this season.

Go Knicks! And Nets! (but mostly Knicks)

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