The New York Knicks went into the all star break with a winning record for the first time in eight years,, but with a tough schedule ahead, rumors are spreading about some possible trade moves.

The Knicks have been a team in turmoil for the past few decades, the have made the playoffs only six times in the past twenty years, the last in 2013.

Hey have also had 14 different head coaches during that time and have averaged roughly 33 games per season.

The franchise is desperate to turn things around and over the last few years, they have taken their lumps honestly, and have started to build from smart draft picks.

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The team has some new young talent with promising development, and they are the fifth best team in the Eastern Conference at 19-18 with a winning record.

The Knicks new president Leon Rose is a former agent for many top NBA stars so he has a great relationship with the NBA and its players.

Rumors say Rose is looking to make some trade moves before the March 25th deadline, and there are a few possibilities, which could include Victor Oladipo who is clearly not working in Houston.Victor Oladipo

Another strong possibility is Cleveland Cavaliers Andre’ Drummond who is available, and with Mitchel Robinson out with a broken hand for who knows how long, this would give the Knicks another big man to score and defend in the paint.

I think Drummond should be a priority, but what would they have to give up for him? Maybe Frank Ntilikina? Or Kevin Knox? They would be foolish with put up Barrett, Toppin or Quickley

Head coach Tom Thibodeau is an eye for top talent and I would think he along with Leon Rose would come up with something that would help the Knicks break the seven-year curse.

The Knicks face Giannis and the Milwaukee Bucks tonight, they will play them twice this month along with the Philadelphia 76ers, they also have the Brooklyn Nets on the March schedule.

We’ll wait and watch as the deadline nears.

Go Knicks!



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