The NBA trade deadlines comes late this season at March 25th and with James Harden already signed sealed and delivered to the Brooklyn Nets, what are the trade rumors.

When the trade deadline hits on March 25th  teams will have played over half of the NBA’s 72 game season, and many will have an idea where they are and what they might need to improve.

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The biggest trade of the season has already happened in mid-January when James Harden was acquired by the Brooklyn Nets, everyone knew he wanted out of Houston and his departure was inevitable.

The entire NBA is talking about Bradley Beal who is playing for the NBA’s worst team ( not the Knicks) the Washington Wizards who are 4-13, and clearly not going anywhere, many teams would be interested in Beal, however he has not requested a trade, and his tired of people asking him about it, so who knows.

Zach LaVine who is a small forward for the Chicago Bulls who can shoot the ball, teams looking to augment their offense maybe interested in him

The Spur’s DeMar DeRozan is another high scoring NBA star, but reports say he is weak on defense, which is probably the only way San Antonio would look to trade him, he’s a possibility, but it would have to be a perfect deal for all teams involved.

Philadelphia’s Ben Simmons is another player that had been in trade talks even as recently as the James Harden deal last month, but the tradeoff would have to be a player with some star power, a Simmons trade is a possibility.

The Cavs Andre Drummond could be on the trading block before the deadline, especially since he will be a free agent after this season, teams that need an all-purpose center, and potential all-star may be looking and Cleveland may want to make a deal while they can.

Detroit’s Derrick Rose has also been in trade rumors. Although he is not the player he once was, teams would not have to put as much on the table to get Rose, rumors say maybe even the Knicks since he has a good relation with his former coach Tom Thibodeau.

The Clippers Lou Williams may also be on the trade market, LA doesn’t really need him and his contract is expiring, so sweet Lou may be a casualty by mid march.

I’m sure there are others but these players are all possibilities, and teams will be looking to battle the stacked teams like the Lakers and Nets, as we head towards the post season.





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