Broome County District Attorney Steven Cornwell says he will prosecute a huge drug case himself as a 95 count indictment of seven people arrested last week in a drug sting in the area has been handed down.

Cornwell says this is the first time a drug ring king-pin charge is being filed in Broome County.

Terrand “Money” Wise is charged with 84 counts and accused of being the heroin dealing ring leader.  2,700 bags of heroin were seized in the raid, dubbed “Operation Get Money”.

Christopher Clerveau is charged with 36 counts, Jamie Krmenec: 23 counts, Anthony Guccia: 13 counts, Cassandra Bennett: 11 counts, David Milkulski: 6 counts and Karen Sadonis: 3 counts.

Meanwhile, Cornwell says he understands there are people who had been buying drugs from the dealers that are cut off from their suppliers.  Buyers are being offered treatment instead of looking for other sources or dealing drugs themselves.