A recent video capturing the heartwarming moment of a young New York boy singing has taken the internet by storm.

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Dubbed the "Tiny Bennett," this talented child from New York City has left onlookers amazed after his impressive rendition of "Beyond the Sea" captured the attention of a restaurant crowd.

The performance took place at a restaurant on Staten Island, where seven-year-old Marcello, full of charisma, approached the singer performing at his sister's wedding anniversary celebration. Marcello said he wanted to serenade the room, and with the singer's graciousness, he was given the opportunity to showcase his talent.

Marcello's aunt, Maria Venuto, explained to the New York Post that her nephew is not shy about his passion for singing and was eager to put his skills to the test before a live audience. In a video filmed by Marcello's father, the young boy can be seen confidently belting out the 1959 classic, full of charm and swagger, just like that of a seasoned performer.

However, Marcello's voice wasn’t the only thing that stole the show. Marcello took control of the crowd, urging everyone to join in on the excitement. "I hope everybody is having a great time! Everybody scream! Let's go!" he enthusiastically commanded, prompting the audience to cheer and wave napkins above their heads.

The heartwarming scene was further intensified when another video captured the crowd rising to their feet to give Marcello a standing ovation. The online community also fell in love with the young talent, with fans on social media showering him with praise and admiration, commenting on his incredible confidence and natural abilities at such a tender age.

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