In an exciting business development, an Upstate New York company has recently acquired a significant portion of the Green Giant food business.

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Seneca Foods Corp, based in Fairport outside Rochester, finalized the purchase of Green Giant's shelf-stable food business from BG Foods Inc. of Parsipanny, New Jersey. This means that Seneca Foods will be able to expand its presence in the food industry and tap into new markets.

With decades of experience and a commitment to delivering high-quality food products, Seneca Foods is well-positioned to incorporate Green Giant's product line and leverage its established brand name.

By acquiring the Green Giant food business, Seneca Foods gains access to a range of popular products that have been a staple in households for generations. The Green Giant brand is synonymous with frozen and canned vegetables, recognizable to shoppers across the country. This acquisition aligns with Seneca Foods' goal of offering nutritious, high-quality food options that meet the diverse needs of consumers.

With the added product line, Seneca Foods can now offer a wider selection of shelf-stable food options to its existing customers and attract new ones. Additionally, this acquisition reinforces Seneca Foods' commitment to sustainability and supporting local agriculture.

By incorporating Green Giant's products, which are known for their use of fresh and locally sourced vegetables, Seneca Foods can also boost its sustainability efforts and strengthen its relationships with local farmers.

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