The Tioga County Sheriff’s office is reminding residents that the newly enacted gun laws in New York State are still presenting a learning curve.

New York’s gun laws had to change at the beginning of September, 2022 following a Supreme Court ruling striking down the state’s conceal carry regulations, prompting the Democrat-controlled legislature and governor to quickly move to legislate a ban on concealed weapons in almost all locations of the state, except where specifically noted that guns are welcome.  The new regulations also required new licensees after September 4, to undergo a certain amount of training and certification.  It also required some license-holders to amend their permits.

Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images
Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images

The Sheriff’s office says it has been working over the past few weeks to determine the acceptable firearm training courses or proof of completion to satisfy the new rules concerning pistol permits and Carry Concealed Licenses.

At the beginning of the month, people aged 21 or older could apply for a “Semi-Automatic Rifle License” through their County or local licensing officer in the same way they would apply for a pistol permit at a cost of $115.

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Current pistol permit holders in Tioga County may add a semi-automatic rifle license amendment to their pistol permit at a cost of three dollars, pending approval of the licensing officer.  There are also new rules for amendments to re-certifications.

 Officials say links to frequently asked questions and forms can be found on the Tioga County Sheriff’s office website: or the New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services website: www/

Forms are also available at the Tioga County Sheriff’s Office.

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