Here is something that I've been thinking about lately and I bet that I'm not the only one. When we pass from this world and enter the next, do we want our social media posts to go with us.

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A survey by found that New Yorkers have big concerns about things they posted in the past and being judged even after they die. In the early days of social media, we didn't give much thought about how what we posted might come back to bite us in the future.

Facebook could have more dead than living members by 2070 and an Oxford study predicts that their could be over 5 billion deceased members by 2100. Since social media is permanent and that has caused some concern.

Some platforms offer options to manage accounts after death like appointing a legacy contact or using the Inactive Account Manager tool. The majority of New Yorkers want their social media completely erased when they die. 1 in 10 users are concerned that their previous posts might ruin their own legacy.

Nearly half (46%)  admitted to going back through their social media history and they realize that their opinion has changed.  For over a third of social media users (38%), clearing embarrassing or potentially damaging posts has become a major priority.

27% of respondents revealed that they have set their social media accounts to private during job hunting. The survey also found that nearly half of social media users choose to avoid posting about their political leanings because they are worried about being ostracized.

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