If you've ever wondered what kind of drinks New Yorkers love to sip on, we have your answer, thanks to Toast's restaurant trends report. If you thought that New Yorkers like beer the most, you would be wrong!

New Yorkers Favorite Drink Of Choice

What about wine? Nope. It turns out that gin is the ultimate drink of choice in the Empire State. That would not have been my first guess either. But wait, gin isn't the only thing that New Yorkers crave, according to Toast, New Yorkers also really love rum and brandy.

The other 49 states may reach for a brewski but not us, Toast says that we like to spice things up and try other flavors. If you’re a fan of hard seltzer, you might want to take a trip to Ohio because the people there love that drink the most.

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It isn’t that New Yorkers don’t like beer, its just that we are more into craft brews like hoppy IPAs and rich stouts and funky sour ales. I would say that the number of  breweries and wineries within driving distance would back that up.

By the way if you work in the restaurant industry, you'll be happy to know that New Yorkers are a generous bunch of people. On average, tips make up nearly 20% of the total check amount. So, keep serving up those drinks and food dishes with a smile because New Yorkers are generous tippers...and your welcome.

If you're on a budget but still want to indulge in a drink or two, happy hours are the way to go. Many bars and pubs offer discounted drinks and bites during specific hours of the day, so you can enjoy your favorite cocktails and snacks without breaking the bank.

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