There's a beginning and an end for everything. Nothing you don't already know. But, we are sad to see area businesses close. Some close due to retirement, lack of business, lack of help, rising prices, etc.

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I wrote an article last year listing businesses that closed in 2022. There were quite a few. I wasn't going to do a 2023 list since I didn't think there were many businesses in the Southern Tier of New York that had closed, but as I started researching articles we've written over the past year about closings, well, the list was larger than I thought.

Most are local businesses, some are national stores, and one was a nature center. I may have missed a few. Take a look below at businesses in the Southern Tier of New York that closed in 2023, listed in no particular order of date closing.

There is a link with each business listed that will direct you to the details of the closing from articles our contributors wrote. Let me know if I missed any. I'm sure there are a couple, I just can't think of what they were. And if so, I will add them to the list.

Southern Tier Of New York Businesses We Lost in 2023

Gallery Credit: Google Maps Street View

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