If you’re a Southern Tier artist, you’re wanted for a special community arts festival happening late summer in Binghamton!

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Binghamton University is launching the Binghamton 2 Degrees: Live at Confluence Park Community Arts Festival in an effort to encourage people to imagine what our community would look like under two degrees of warming climate change and the impact such a change would have on the Southern Tier.

Binghamton University festival organizers are looking for artists to showcase work that captures the natural beauty of Broome County which in turn will serve as a catalyst to motivate a sense of community togetherness in the advocating of policy reform, as well as inspire those viewing the works of art to take their own action in the matter of climate change.

Binghamton University hopes that this community arts festival will draw in not only artists but the hearts and minds of a community dedicated to figuring out how our community can best navigate warming climate changes. The University says it will document what is learned to educate others.

Binghamton 2 Degrees hopes to eventually evolve into “building social and physical structures and activities that will help us in this transition to a warmer, more unstable climate.“

The Binghamton 2 Degrees: Live at Confluence Park Community Arts Festival will take place on Saturday, August 26, 2023, at Confluence Park in Binghamton. Artists interested in showcasing their work at this community arts festival have until July 15 to submit photos of their work and artists who are accepted will be “awarded an honorarium of $250.”

The Binghamton 2 Degrees: Live at Confluence Park exhibition is open to all artists from the Southern Tier and those selected to be part of it will not only be able to exhibit their work but also sell it if they wish.

The community arts festival will be a family-friendly event, open to everyone, and will include art, music, exhibitions, and workshops.

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