Binghamton, let's talk trash. No, I don't mean trash talk, I mean trash as in the stuff that goes in your garbage can. Are you sure you know all the disposal rules and guidelines? Well, let's see.

While most Binghamtonians and temporary Binghamtonians (college students living in off campus Binghamton housing) follow the rules, not everyone does, so here's a refresher courtesy of the Binghamton Economic Council and the City of Binghamton.

When it comes to enforcing the code relating to garbage, the City of Binghamton reminds you that failure to comply with the rules could result in violations or fees or both.

All garbage set out for removal in the City of Binghamton needs to be placed in official  blue City garbage bags. If you have large items that obviously won't fit in a bag like a mattress, couch or chair, you are allowed to leave it at the curb, up to three items at a time.

Remember, the city states that trash or garbage can't be set out to the curb any earlier than 6 pm the evening prior to collection day. For downtown Binghamton residents, late afternoon is acceptable.

The City of Binghamton allows latex-based paint for disposal in a garbage bag, but it must be fully dried. Any broken glass or objects that have a sharp point to it need to be wrapped up to prevent any hazard and garbage cans can be no larger than 33 gallons and no heavier than 50 pounds when full.

As for yard waste, disposal of branches is acceptable, but no longer than 4 feet, no more than 4 inches in diameter and weight no more than 50 pounds. Bundle branches with rope or string only.

Other yard waste need to be placed in an open top container up to 33 gallons or in compostable paper yard waste bags. Reminder: in the City of Binghamton, raking leaves into the street or curb line is not permitted.

More more specific rules on waste and garbage disposal rules and guidelines, visit the City of Binghamton website.

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