There are some things that make you wonder. I think about trivial things all the time, but I just can't let it go, and need answers.

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And that's why I ask questions on social media from time to time to see if it's just me or if are there others like me who think about the same little things in life that make us go "Hmm."

I've noticed over the past few years in one of the local parking ramps, that some cars are parked with the front of the vehicle facing out. Basically, the motorist backed into the parking space.

Parking Lot
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I have parked in particular this ramp for 40 years and counting and never backed in. I just assumed that the proper way to park a vehicle in a parking ramp is to pull into the parking spot, not by backing in.

Not that there's anything wrong with it, I just don't understand the need to back in. I have observed that most of the vehicles that are backed in belong to University students who live in the Downtown Binghamton area.

I will admit, that I sometimes back into my home driveway, but in a public parking spot, I pull in (and if the spot in front of me is open, I will pull through so my vehicle is facing out.


Is it an out-of-area thing? I don't know, so I posed that question on social media, Tina B. had a good point - "Back in. If the car battery dies and ya need a jump ya can’t get a car to the front if you're pulled in (and spots around you are full.)"

Here are some of the other answers I received:

David B. - There's a lot in State College, that if you back in you will be fined.

Robyn H. -Easier to pull out when leaving instead of backing up.

Jodie C. - Back in usually. Learned it at UPS. When you back in, it's safer. When leaving you're not backing out with your view obstructed or worrying about where people are coming from and people can see you're at the wheel.

Tracy M. - Back in. And honestly, at this point, it's a habit. I back in almost everywhere. Have for the 30+ years I have been driving.

Thomas C. - Always easier to pull out when you back in. Maybe someone parks too close to you after you park.

Robert N. - Back in every time. The only safe way to do it. When you go to leave you have the big picture of what is in front of you.

Ken S. - My grandfather told me when I was younger and it stuck...always back in when you can... It's just safer cause you can't see as well backing out.

Eric M. - I ALWAYS back into a parking spot, including my driveway. I learned that when I was learning to drive, it just makes it easier to leave the parking spot.

Mark T. - When I find a parking spot, I analyze whether it will be easier to back into it, or back out of it. Every situation is different.

Allyce C. - I don't know why but it bugs me when people back in. Just back out when you leave, you'll be fine.

Carolyn F. -  Because ppl are stupid and walk behind you when backing out.

Sharyl J. - I think people who back in use backup cameras and probably can’t judge the distance to pull in properly. Guarantee they avoid parallel parking at all costs.

Joe H. - It depends on how busy getting out is. I go to a lot of baseball games and back in but if I just go for dinner somewhere don't back in often.

Bill H. - Both. Depends on where I am. And how much traffic is behind me.

Mel S. - In a ramp pull in easier for me to park but in a lot always park so I can drive out not back out.

Crystal C. - Pull in at public parking, but always back into my own driveway so I don't have to back onto a busy road.

Cindy S. - Try to have the husband back in but sometimes it takes longer to back in then it does to just drive in. But then when it comes time to leave it's easier to drive out of the parking space than to try and back out of it when you have a bunch of other traffic trying to get out get past you and get home.

Alan B. - Always back in. If you are leaving an event, it makes it much easier to get out. And people who back out into traffic are taking their life into their own hands. The way people drive on my street, it’s not safe at all.

Jonni S. - Well I back in if I need to hide my plate. It’s how we roll in the big city.

Nancy Avery - If it’s straight slots and no traffic, back in for easier visibility if a large truck parks next to you. Diagonal, pull in because of exit direction (even though still problems with big vehicles blocking the view). Back into the driveway for exit safety.

Corky W. - It depends on the vehicle. Our car I usually pull in. If I’m driving my big van I usually back in. It makes it easier when leaving.

Shannon S. - It is required on most job sites to back in because the first movement should always be forward. It becomes a habit. Plus it's much easier to leave pulling forward than backing out.

Brenda H. - Pull in, rear lift gate vehicle. If someone pulls behind me too close you can't open and load the back.

Shawnna D. - I pull in cause anyone whose able to back in, is simply living on a completely different plane of existence and winning.

Terry P. - Drive in. Just easier.

James M. - It is safer to pull out of space than to back out. You can see around You better.

Kasey R. - Because people drive like jerks in the parking garage

Wayne S. -The angle of the car is wrong for an easy exit. Think about it.

Ken H. - Always pull in and up if I can. I hate backing up.

Dylan C. - Back in, and to be completely honest the mindset because I'm better comes to mind. Same concept as pulling/backing into one's driveway.

Jean Hawkins - Pull into!

Robyn Hawley - Easier to pull out when leaving instead of backing up.

And Mark G. reminds us of this classic parking spot scene from the sitcom 'Seinfeld.'

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