One of my co-workers (a former reporter for WBNG-TV 12 in Binghamton) made me aware of a video on YouTube that the Binghamton Broadcasters had compiled that included clips over a 20-year span from 1980 to 1999.

I wrote an article on the video which you can see here along with the Binghamton Broadcasters YouTube video. It's pretty cool to reminisce and see what some of the big stories were being reported on the evening news during those 20 years.

We were reminiscing about some of the anchors and reporters who spent time working for one or more of the Binghamton area television stations and found some have gone on to bigger things - broadcasting, politics, or have had national recognition. Here are some that we found:

Carl Ravich

If you love sports and watch ESPN, you are most likely familiar with Carl Ravich. Carl worked at WBNG-TV 12 in the late 1980s as the sports anchor and reporter. Carl is currently the voice of ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball. Carl has been with ESPN since 1993 according to the ESPN Pressroom website. 

Trey Wingo

Trey Wingo was the sports director at WMGC/WIVT-TV in the late 1980s and also worked at WICZ-TV as well during his stay in the Binghamton area. Trey joined ESPN in 1997 as co-host of ESPN Radio’s new Golic and Wingo morning drive. According to ESPN Front Row, Trey is a host of ESPN’s NFL Live.

Jenna Wolfe

Jenna Wolfe was on WICZ-TV 40 from 1996 to 1998. She is also a graduate of Binghamton University. Jenna worked for NBC News from 2007 to 2016 and is now the host of "First Things First" on FS1.

Grace Gagnon

Grace used to work as a reporter for WBNG-TV and now lives in the Boston area. You may remember an article I wrote in November 2021. After watching the movie 'The Holiday' over the 2021Thanksgiving weekend, she decided to post her studio apartment in the Boston area on Tic Toc just as a joke to see what would become of it, similar to the plot of the movie. And it went viral...around the world and she caught the eye of the Drew Barrymore Show as well. Check out the article and the Drew Barrymore connection here.

Robyn Hearn

Robyn is a former WNBG-TV sports reporter. She is currently a sports director at KAUZ-TV, Wichita Falls, Texas. And she has a brother, Taylor Hearn who is a pitcher for the Texas Rangers major league baseball team. In April 2022, I wrote a story about Robyn who covered one of the games for her TV station. She got the opportunity to ask her brother, Taylor a great question during the post-game interview, and gave her gave an amazing answer. Check the article and the Tweet here.

Rich David

Rich worked for WBNG-TV in the late 1990s, then moved into Binghamton City Hall as Director of Community Relations. Rich also served as Deputy Mayor of Binghamton and then for eight years as the Mayor of Binghamton. Rich is now campaigning for a New York State Senate seat.

And while we're on the subject of former television anchors and reporters, see if you remember some of these faces from years gone by in Binghamton television.

Blast From The Past: Remember These 20+ Binghamton TV Anchors & Reporters?

Take a stroll through the past with some of the most recognizable faces from the past of Binghamton-area news television.

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