The final review of the ballots in New York’s 22nd Congressional District is scheduled for February 1 as Republican challenger Claudia Tenney’s lead has clawed back more votes.

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As of Friday, January 29, Tenney was 122 votes ahead of Incumbent Democrat Anthony Bridnisi. On election night, the Republican who had held the 22nd District until being defeated by Brindisi two years ago by another narrow margin, had been ahead by several thousand votes.

The counting of paper ballots narrowed Tenney’s lead and, at one point very briefly gave the lead to Brindisi.

Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News
Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News

Now, around 5-dozen votes reportedly are to be opened and counted February 1.

The last issues have been in Oneida County.  The Board of Elections had been ordered to file the final canvass numbers with the New York Supreme Court by the end of the day Friday with the courtroom count scheduled for February 1.

Judge Scott DelConte is now expected to announce the final count by the end of the day February 2.

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