You may not think much of the odds and ends we flush down the toilet, but officials in Greene are asking residents to pay more attention after a wad of gunk was pulled out of the village sewer system.

The Village of Greene posted a message on Facebook Wednesday asking residents not to flush items down the toilet and noting that there been in an increase in items being sent through the sewer system. Accompanied with the post was a picture of a nasty-looking collection of things flushed down the sewer.

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Rags, grease, orange peels, bath towels, plastic wrap from a spool of house wire are among the items village officials say they've been pulling from the sewer system recently, and that residents should pay closer attention to what they are flushing.

I lived in the city for a great deal of my life but since moving to a rural location  with a septic system I have learned quickly to let visitors and guests know they cannot flush items down the toilet.

A short time ago my toddler granddaughter walked into the bathroom and tried to flush her little mermaid doll down the commode, so let’s start with lesson number one, do not allow toddlers unsupervised access into the bathroom, you never know what might take a trip into the sewer system.

Whether you have a septic or you’re hooked into sewer system, here are some things you the Village of Greene listed as things you really shouldn't flush:

Do Not Flush These Items

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