The 15th Annual Multicultural Garlic Festival was held today (Saturday) at the American Civic Association at 131 Front Street in Binghamton.  There were several dozen vendors with numerous varieties of garlic available.

Along with plenty of garlic the event featured music, dancing and lots of fun. Garlic vendors from all around the area were there as well as plenty of ethnic foods to enjoy.  The Ethnic Food Court inside the American Civic Association was busy for much of the day.  One of the special treats was garlic ice cream.  Garlic ice cream is vanilla ice cream with chunks and pieces of garlic mixed in for a unique flavor and taste.

The American Civic Association assists immigrants entering the United States.  Numerous classes are available at the Civic Association including ones to assist  in learning to speak English.  Many foreign students who attend Binghamton University are helped through the efforts of the American Civic Association.  Proceeds from today's Multicultural Garlic Festival go to help underwrite the many programs offered by the American Civic Association.  For additional information visit their website

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