I grew up in a small town and in the era whereas the saying goes, "They roll up the sidewalks at 5 pm." That was pretty much the truth. And shopping on a Sunday? Nope.  Nothing was open except for maybe the gas station, but don't count on it.

The world has changed a lot since those days as far as shopping hours and days are concerned. Sure, you can shop 24 hours a day online, but this is about physical stores. The moms and pops, and yes, even the chain stores and restaurants.

Even after stores began to open up on Sunday, closing time used to be around 5 pm, but now those hours at many places have expanded to the same as weekday hours. And maybe that needs to happen to compete with internet shopping. I'm no expert on the art of warfare in the retail world.

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And here's another thing to think about. What if you get that late-night hunger pain, and don't have anything good to cook at home, or just don't want to? Maybe you just left work, or a sporting event, bar, whatever, and are looking for a place to get a late-night bite to eat in the Binghamton area.

Just what are your choices in the Greater Binghamton area? I can't count the times I've looked for a bite to eat after a mobile DJ gig or radio station event late in the evening. The choices have been slim. Or were they? Maybe there are some places that are open late that I'm not aware of.

By late, I mean you can get something to eat, either to go or sit down that is open at least until 11 pm or later. So I did some research as to what places are currently open late at night for a bite to eat. The hours listed are the ones I found on each establishment's website, so the times may vary.

As I have done in past research projects, it may not be a complete list. If you know of a place in the Triple Cities area that is not on this list, by all means, let me know. I'm always looking for new places for a bite to eat, late at night.

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