I have to admit that I'm someone who follows the rule of the road. Most of the time, anyway. Is there really anyone who hasn't broken some sort of motor vehicle law at one time or another?

It could be speeding, talking on a mobile phone while driving, texting, going too slow (it that an offense?), roll through while turning right at the red light or stop sign (that's sometimes my bad), staying in the passing lane too long, when there's no other vehicle to pass. You get the idea.

I've been pulled over around three or four times in my lifetime. One was for a light out on one of my tail lights, the others for speeding. I wasn't over the limit too much, but enough to get pulled over.

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But I see motorists do illegal or at least dangerous things every day when I'm on the road. And I just hope there's a police vehicle just up the road to pull them over, and then I can slow down, give them my silent opinion and continue on to my destination.

I'm, sure many motorists get frustrated with me because I generally don't go more than a few miles over the speed limit on any type of roadway. If it's a rural winding, hilly two-lane road, like the ones you find in Pennsylvania, I drive a bit slower, but never under the speed limit. First, it's because I want to be safe, and second, it saves gas, and you know how expensive gas is these days.

So, last week, I posed the question - "What's the biggest speed trap in the Southern Tier?", and I received a lot of responses. Most (or all) of them are no secret to anyone local.

I have to admit though, I do get a chuckle from out-of-state vehicles being pulled over. Is that mean? Best advice - don't speed, and you won't have to worry about speed traps. Here are some of the responses we received as to the biggest speed traps in the Southern Tier.

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