Roads? Where they're going, they don't need roads -- wait, yes they do.

The Fireball Run and Adventure Rally, a 2,500-mile road race to focus on the search for missing children, came through Norwich on Wednesday afternoon, making a stop at the Northeast Classic Car Museum.

Among the 40 teams that stopped in Norwich was Team Time Car, which drives a replica of the DeLorean used in the "Back to the Future" movie franchise.

Driver and owner Paul "Doc" Nigh, dressed in Doc Brown costume, explained how he's using the DeLorean to further raise interest and coverage of the Road Rally.

"The people that are in it have a passion for what we do," Nigh said. "I built the car because I really loved the movie. When I found out about it and found out about what they're doing and after you do your first Fireball and find your first kid, that changes everything."

The Road Rally is a trivial pursuit-themed race that runs from Independence, OH, to Bangor, Maine.

Northeast Classic Car Museum director Marc Michaels took the opportunity to have the rally stop at the museum to both raise awareness of missing children and give some national exposure to the museum.

"The goal of today is two-fold. Number one is to bring awareness to the public about the museum," Michaels said. "Number 2 is to bring awareness to the public of missing children. This is the fourth year it has been run. Over that four years there have been 38 children (found), and there has been closure brought to their families."

Interview with Paul Nigh:

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