City of Binghamton officials say nice spring and summer weather is a key factor in keeping road work on track this year.

Officials are announcing the final street paving and preventative maintenance projects for the construction season.

The City has set a goal of working on fifteen miles of streets a year, which puts the roads on a ten year cycle for upkeep.

The final push involves 24 streets, totaling five miles, costing $696,000.

Some of the work involves putting a top coat of asphalt on the roads to seal cracks and other defects before winter plowing and salting gets into full swing.

The following streets are on the final list for this year:

  • Blackstone Ave. (Ivanhoe to Hawthorne)
  • Carroll St. (Hawley to Court)
  • Deerfield Pl. (Clifton Blvd to City Line)
  • Hawley St. (Court to Washington)
  • Hawley St. (Rutherford to Fayette)
  • Howard Ave. (Robinson to Frederick)
  • Kneeland Ave. (Seminary to Highland)
  • La Grange St. (Dead End)
  • Lanesboro St. (Full Extent)
  • Laurel Ave. (Johnson to Charles)
  • Louisa St. (Robinson to Bingham)
  • McNamara Ave. (Mill to Evelyn)
  • Moore Ave. (Chadwick to Brookfield)
  • Pennsylvania Ave. (#150 to City Line)
  • Second St. (Tompkins to Dead End)
  • Spellicy Blvd. (Broad to Moeller)
  • Spellicy Blvd. (Leon to Flower)
  • Spring St. (Full Extent)
  • The Arena St. (Locke to Conklin)
  • Vestal Ave. (Ivanhoe to Kenilworth)
  • Vine St. (Curran to Vestal)
  • Walnut St. (Thorp to R.R.)
  • Winding Way (Oak to Front)
  • Woodland Ave (Full Extent)

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