Heat advisories are lifted for the region but uncomfortable temperatures and high humidity are sticking around for a while.

The National Weather Service is projecting heat index values in the low to mid 90s along with some possible thunderstorms through July 8.  Strong storms July 2 left hundreds of New York State Electric and Gas customers in the region without power for several hours.  Most of those areas were back online early in the morning.

For now, long-term forecasts are projecting a return to stifling heat during the next week or longer.

With that new round of hot weather already projected, NYSEG says it has taken measures to prepare the energy grid for the increased customer demand.

Customers are also encouraged to conserve energy by closing curtains during daylight hours, make sure air conditioner filters are clean and free of debris and to set the thermostat to a slightly warmer temperature if health permits. A suggested range is from 74-78 degrees.

NYSEG says when the nights are cool, give air conditioners a break by opening windows and using ceiling or room fans but remember to turn off fans when you are not in the room.

Customers are also asked, when possible, to delay using major appliances like washing machines and dryers, pool pumps and dishwashers until after 8 p.m.


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