After reports that that there will be no NFL preseason games this year, many of the stadiums will be empty including the Jets, Giants and Bills.

Anyway you dice it up, professional sports will look different, but the players will still be moving back and forth on the field, wearing the uniforms with their familiar franchise logos (except the Washington R%ds&*ns)

The fake crowd noise, and I wonder if they’ll include some “booing” tracks along with a few “you stink” chants.

Fans will have to watch the games on their big screen TV’s with their friends (but not too many) and make their own noise.

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Looking at the three New York Teams ( I know two play in the Meadowlands) The “New York” Giants finished 4-12 with a season ending loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

The New York Jets finishes 7-9 with a season-ending win against the Buffalo Bills.

The Buffalo Bills ended the regular season at 10-6 with that loss to the Jets but made the playoffs and were eliminated in the very first attempt in the AFC Wild Card Game against the Houston Texans.

I think all three teams have quarterbacks who have the potential to take them into the pre-season with the right stuff (and by that I mean talented teammates).

Buffalo Bills Quarterback Josh Allen was impressive in his sophomore year, with a rocket arm he could help put up some points this season.

The New York Giants will focus on quarterback Daniel Jones who had some ups and downs last season but with a revamped offense line a Saquon Barkley the options for the run and pass are there, again talent is key.

The New York Jets Quarterback Sam Darnold also going into his sophomore year and much like Jones had some highs and lows in his first year.

If I had to choose with my head (not my heart) Josh Allen will be the obvious since he has already proven himself a postseason player, but Danny Dimes is high on my list, crowd or no crowd.

Here’s to a weird but exciting upcoming NFL season New York Fans!

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