The Binghamton High School girls flag football team will get a taste of NFL action when they scrimmage at halftime of the upcoming New York Giants preseason game.

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According to a press release from the Binghamton City School District Office of Communications, the Binghamton High School girls flag football team became the first ever Section IV champions when they defeated Union-Endicott on June 12. And as a reward for their hard work and success, they'll play a ten minute scrimmage against Brewster High School, the Section I champions, at halftime of this week's Giants preseason game.

This was the first time that the sport had ever been offered in New York and the girls on the team certainly took advantage of it. After winning the Section IV championship, Head Coach Vaughn Labor said "To jump into a brand new sport, and ask questions and learn the game, and then win a championship at the end of it, that's just a testament to them. They'll get to say to the girls down the line, in ten, fifteen years, when this is hopefully a state-sponsored sport, we were the first Section IV team, we were the first to do it."

The game will take place as part of the NFL's flag football program that began in 2021 in an effort to inspire young female athletes.

There will be an informal sendoff on Sunday afternoon before the girls and their families head down to New Jersey for the life-changing experience of getting to play a game they love on a field used by the highest level of athletes in the sport.

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