The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office is currently holding a rare fund-raiser in order to purchase some potentially life-saving equipment.

Tim Boyle/Getty Images
Tim Boyle/Getty Images

New Defibrillator pads and supplies are needed for the AED units that are carried by patrols and housed at the County Jail.

Sheriff Craig DuMond says the last fundraising drive for AED units was held over five years ago.

Automatic External Defibrillators deliver a jolt the chest of a patient in cardiac arrest and can restart the heart.

The cost of a new pad set is $100 each and 24 sets are needed.  Both adult and child pads can only be used once and have a shelf life of two years if they are not used.

Donations can be made payable to the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office at 280 Phoebe Lane, Suite One, Delhi, New York 13753 and designate “Defibrillator Fund” on the reference line.


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