The weather may change dramatically day-to-day but additional work is continuing on the downtown Binghamton Court Street improvement initiative.

Workers Tuesday morning were greeted by a small amount of snow on the ground in the project area with temperatures about 30 degrees lower than when they left the job site Monday afternoon.

Some final concrete pouring occurred Monday as the temperatures rose into the mid 60s.

Binghamton city engineer Philip Kray told WNBF News the substantial completion date for the Gateway Project now is expected to be around December 15.

Kray said that's a "little bit later" than original estimates. He noted decorative light poles arrived later than originally expected. There also were delivery delays in some of the specialty decorative bricks that are to be used for part of the project.

Downtown motorists should continue to be alert for workers and equipment. They also should pay attention for temporary detours and traffic pattern changes.

Although some additional work is planned over the next month, a few final touches will have to waiting until early next year.

Kray said some more plantings will be placed along the Court Street project area next spring.

City officials say the Gateway Project has a $2.7 million dollar price tag. Five percent is locally funded. The rest of the cost is being covered by federal and state funds.