Long-time sports reporter and Executive Sports Editor of the Press & Sun -Bulletin Charlie Jaworski passed away unexpectedly on Monday.  Jaworski or "Jaws" as he was known to many, was 70.  He covered professional hockey including the Broome Dusters for a number of years before moving into management as Executive Sports Editor for the newspaper.

To me "Jaws" was "Chas" as in Charles.  He was writing regular columns and articles about the Dusters when I came here at the start of the 1978-79 hockey season.  He wrote for the Evening Press while Dave Henderson covered the beat for the Sun-Bulletin.  Everyday I couldn't wait to read their articles on the team and everyday I learned something from what they wrote.

As I traveled from city to city broadcasting the team's games I would purchase various daily publications and read all that I could on the team we were playing that night or the next day.  There were a lot of good writers but of course i always thought ours were the best.  Charlie's colorful style stood out because he found new, descriptive ways to write about what he saw or heard.

I remember one of Charlie's game accounts where he wrote that a Duster's blistering slap shot "vulcanized" the puck.  One of my all-time favorite columnists was Joe Falls. Falls was a Detroit sports writer for decades and wrote weekly columns for both The Sporting News and The Hockey News.  When I would tell Charlie that I thought his (Charlie's) stories were better or more entertaining he looked at me like I was just joking with him but that was not the case.  Charlie's writing was that good. He was national caliber right here in our home town.

Charlie  was dedicated to his profession and his family.  Few have his writing skills and fewer have his motivation and passion to do it the right way...to make it good.  We miss you Chas.



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