Broome County Clerk Joseph Mihalko says his office has been noticing an increase in filings of something called a "judgement by confession" from downstate and out-of-state law firms with no connection to Broome.

JOSEPH MIHALKO (Photo provided by campaign)
JOSEPH MIHALKO (Photo provided by campaign)

The filings take local resources to process and the County Clerk says he’s issued a policy memo halting dealing with most judgements by confessions this month.

Mihalko says he wants to see a change in state law to close loopholes that allow predatory lenders to file in areas with no connection to lenders or debtors.

The Clerk says the local office is happy to file legitimate claims and judgements but, Mihalko says he will “not let the Broome County Clerk’s Office be abused and misused by disreputable, predatory lenders.”



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