Broome County’s clerk is weighing in on the debate over new license plates and designs in New York State.

JOSEPH MIHALKO (Photo provided by campaign)
JOSEPH MIHALKO (Photo provided by campaign)

Joseph Mihalko has issued a statement about the plan to mandate license plate replacement starting next year at a cost of $25 for the new plate and $20 more if a motorist wants to keep their same number, saying “Instead of trying to find new ways to pick our pockets, the folks in Albany should find more productive ways of spending their times.”

Specifically, Mihalko says the state should concentrate on making sure license plates are made correctly and won’t peel like a recent batch.  He also suggests fixing the state DMV computer system "so it doesn’t crash on a regular basis."

The clerk is also questioning the motives behind recording some residents' information when they respond to a survey about what design the prefer for new plates.  Mihalko says he wants to know why people are asked their email address? Who gets those addresses and how are they to be used?

Mihalko says the local DMV offices have petitions that local residents can sign to oppose the new license plate fees.


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