Move over west coast elite -- there is a new NBA contender on the East coast. The Brooklyn Nets have scored a huge deal that brought one of the NBA’s top scoring threats to the eastern conference.

The Beard, James Harden made his Brooklyn debut on Saturday, and not only helped his team defeat the Orlando Magic 122-115, he also scored 32 points, had 11 rebounds, and 14 assists, and became the seventh player in NBA history to have a triple double in his team debut.

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The Nets were part of a four-team deal that sent players to other teams, but Brooklyn getting the icing on the NBA cake with eight-time all star James Harden playing along side his former teammate from OKC, Kevin Durant.

So the big question is, are the Brooklyn Nets the elite team in New York?

If you’re asking Nets fans the answer is obvious, but what about die-hard Knick fans?

Well, you have one right here typing this story, and although I will always be true to the orange and blue, I have to admit, the Brooklyn Nets have had a better team over the past several years.

I am also a huge James Harden fan, and have been since he entered the league nine years ago, so to see him play on a New York team in the Eastern Conference has made me a big Brooklyn Nets fan.

If you watched the Beard’s Brooklyn debut over the weekend, you saw what this guy can do with no practice, imaging how he’ll be when he gets in sync with the team.

I will watch my Knicks and hope for the best as they rebuild, but I am excited about the new look  Brooklyn Nets going in 2021.




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