NOTE: Please remember that this is someone's private property and under no circumstances should you ever trespass on it or take it upon yourself to knock on the owner's door and ask to see their home. 

For nearly five years, the entire time I lived on the West Side of Binghamton, I drove by a Tiny House built by Ben Landry and didn't even realize it. I remember thinking, "what an adorable shed," but never imagined that what I was looking at wasn't a shed, but rather a tiny house situated on a small plot of land at the corners of Walnut and Seminary.

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If you've ever fallen down an internet search rabbit hole, then you know that sometimes your landing spot is where you least expected but you kind of like it. I like my landing spot, which was a website called Tiny House Project which just so happened to feature a story on Ben Laundry, a Binghamton University Graduate and tiny home builder.

While Tiny Houses are trendy now, it took a while for them to catch on. The Tiny House Movement began in 1997, and in 2008, 11 years later, Ben Landry of Binghamton caught the attention of our community as well as the growing Tiny House community when he began building his own tiny house smack dab in the middle of Binghamton.

Landry's Tiny House was built on the corner of Seminary and Walnut on the West Side and according to an article posted on Tiny House Design in 2008, the entire lot size for Landry's house is 75′ by 50′ ( which translates to 3,750 square feet).

David Hermanovich
David Hermanovich

We haven't been able to find final figures and we don't even know if Landry still owns the property, but at the time of the posting on the Tiny House Design website in October of 2008, Landry was expected to spend about $600 a year on property taxes will be about $600 a year. According to Tiny House Design, Laundry was able to scoop up the lot for $5,000 and expected to spend about $8,000 in total to build his tiny house.

Interested in learning more about the tiny home community? Their Facebook page hasn't been updated since April, but there is a Binghamton Tiny Home Community Facebook page that you might like to check out.

NOTE: Again, please remember that this Tiny House is someone's private property and under no circumstances should you ever trespass on it or take it upon yourself to knock on the owner's door and ask to see their home.

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