Binghamton New York area weather is as unpredictable as, well, the weather!

Never mind the calender in these parts of the country. Today could be 80, tomorrow 40. Proof? Saturday May30th was in the 80s. Sunday May 31st was in the upper 50s and low 60s. As much as we experience the ebb and flow of temperatures in our area, for the most part, we're used to it.

Although, this past Winter was very trying. I've never heard so many people threaten to move to warmer climates, but the reward for sticking it out, is usually a very comfortable late Spring, Summer and early Fall. As for the temperature drop last weekend, which would normally be the Memorial Day Weekend, I remember many holiday weekends ending up on the colder side. Shortly thereafter, Summer showed up, that was the end of cold temperatures, and I suspect that cycle will repeat again.

The one thing to remember is, we're not hovering around 0 degrees, shoveling snow and slipping on ice. That will return soon enough.

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