According to Business Insider, Binghamton has been ranked as the fifth-best city in the Northeast to live in once the Coronavirus pandemic has ended.

Of the top five cities on the list, Binghamton was ranked fifth, followed by State College, Pennsylvania in fourth, and then three other Upstate New York cities rounded out the top three. Syracuse ranked third, Ithaca came in second, and Rochester was ranked the number one Northeast city to move to once the Covid-19 pandemic is done.

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According to their report, the rankings are based on pre-coronavirus unemployment rates, population density, housing affordability, cost of living, average travel time to work, and the ability to work from home.

They also factored in the amount of money spent per student for elementary and secondary schools. Binghamton beat out many larger cities in the Northeast including Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Portland, and even Albany.

Among other things, Binghamton made the list for having the fifth-lowest average housing cost and the amount money spent per-student in public schools. They reported that the average housing cost in Binghamton is $802 per month.

I know the grass is always greener and everybody knocks the town they were born in. But, before the pandemic hit, there was so much to do in Binghamton.

Is there as much to do here as there is in New York City? No! But you don't have to deal with all the issues people living in the city deal with either, like cost of living, traffic, and housing to name a few. And if you want to go visit big cities, we are only three hours away from New York City and Philadelphia.

Binghamton has just about everything the major cities have, just on a lesser scale. We have minor league sports as apposed to the major league sports, awesome restaurants, cool little shops, arts, and plenty of recreational activities.

So, haters are gonna hate, but in my opinion, I agree with their findings because I believe Binghamton is a pretty cool place to live.

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