In a press release on Tuesday, City of Binghamton Mayor Jared Kraham announced that the City has begun a pilot program to build stronger and more sustainable sidewalks using recycled glass manufactured by KLAW Industries.

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KLAW Industries, which won the Binghamton Business Plan Competition earlier this year, was founded by Binghamton High School and Chenango Forks High School graduates. In addition to winning the Binghamton Business Plan Competition, KLAW Industries has also won the MIT Solve Youth Innovation Challenge and the Heartland Competition, landing the company a $100,000 prize for their win.

They use a patent-pending process to turn recycled glass into a replacement for cement in concrete mixes that is both stronger than the cement alone and better for the environment. They call the product "Pantheon," and the process reduces cement needed in typical mixes by 20 percent. It's estimated that the 20% reduction in cement needs reduces the amount of carbon dioxide used by 1,000 pounds per truckload.

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer Jacob Kumpon stated "These projects are proof of the City's commitment to supporting local companies and deploying cost-effective, sustainable materials."

Mayor Kraham stated "Since it's founding in 2019, KLAW Industries has made waves across the country with its innovative cement replacement product that's stronger and better for the environment. By switching to KLAW's product for municipal curb and sidewalk projects, we're reducing the City's carbon footprint and supporting a growing East Side business."

According to the press release, curb and sidewalk upgrades in the City will cost an estimated $1.7 million this year, but Mayor Kraham assures residents that switching to KLAW Industries to perform those upgrades comes at no cost to the City.

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