Binghamton residents are no strangers to the brutal upstate weather, but the Southern Tier isn't the coldest place in all of New York State.

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According to a report by Colby Maxwell of AZ Animals, and much to my surprise, Binghamton is not actually the coldest place in New York. In fact, it's nowhere near the Southern Tier or Western New York.

The coldest place in New York is actually the Adirondacks, tucked high in the northern-most corner of the state. According to the report, the average summer temperature in the Adirondacks is between 66 and 73 degrees, while the average winter temperature is a freezing 18 to 23 degrees. And due to the elevation of the mountain range, that 18 to 23 degrees also comes with a lot of snowy and windy conditions.

Well all good things have a downside right? There were a lot of times in Binghamton this summer that I would beg the temperatures to drop into the upper 60s and lower 70s. Hot weather and James Kelly are two things that just do not mix particularly well.

But of course the downside to such cool summers is living through the winter months with an average temperature than ends in "-teen." Now I always prefer the cold weather to the hot weather but even I have my limits. There's already been a few early morning commutes with a near single-digit number on the car's thermostat and I can't say I've enjoyed any one of those drives into work.

And should that Adirondacks temperature ever reach the all-time state low of -52 degrees again, I will gladly rescind all my negative comments about the Binghamton summer heat.

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