The Binghamton Bulldogs entered the American Basketball Association in 2017, and for the past three seasons have enjoyed the initial development, but now that is changing.

According to an official press release on the Binghamton Bulldogs Facebook page, effective immediately, the team has decided to augment their status, and join the Mid-Atlantic Conference of the 30-team East Coast Basketball League.

The team says the move will be a better fit for the team’s coaches, players, staff, and supportive fans in our community, by providing an array of competitive teams, from Georgia to New Hampshire.

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The reputation of the East Coast Basketball League will be extremely advantageous, the team adds, in respects to the basketball community, website interactions, and overall operations.

The league also has a strong relationship with FIBA Europe, which is known for their talented pool of players.

East Coast Basketball League has a schedule that runs from January to June. They play 48 minute games, just like the NBA, and align with the NBA season schedule, playoffs, and the NCAA tournament.

The ECBL has a 20 game regular season competing against 30 teams.


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