Propane for home heating is in high demand as cold weather continues in the Northeast and across much of the nation.

Although propane fuel supplies in the Binghamton area appear to be adequate at the moment, local energy company managers are keeping a close watch on weather forecasts.

Robert Warner, part-owner and general manager of Warner's Gas Service in Vestal, says wholesale propane prices have soared in recent weeks. He says prices have jumped more than 100 percent over the last two months.

Warner says major suppliers in the United States and Canada have contacted his company trying to locate extra propane. But supplies in areas where propane is needed remain tight.

Warner notes a significant amount of the propane inventory that might have been used for home heating was diverted to the Midwest late last year to dry corn crops.

Obtaining sufficient propane supplies through a major pipeline that supplies the Northeast has been a challenge.

Warner and representatives of other Southern Tier energy companies say logistical issues with the propane distribution system are a concern. But they're expressing cautious optimism there will be enough propane available for the region even if there are additional cold snaps over the next several weeks.

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