Thousands of children around the Binghamton region are heading off to school this week.

The big yellow buses started rolling in many school districts Wednesday morning. Some area districts are starting classes on Thursday.

Parents and grandparents escorted young children to their bus stops this morning. Kids were dressed in new clothes and carried some of the basic supplies they'll be needing in the days ahead.

It's a bittersweet day for many moms and dads... They're excited to see their children off to school but they're also worried about how their kids may cope with the new challenges.

One Tioga County mother chuckled a few seconds after her child boarded a bus and admitted she was looking forward to having a rather relaxing day now that summer vacation has come to an end.

Police agenices reminded drivers to use caution when traveling through school zones and to be on the lookout for children who may not be paying attention to traffic.

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