According to a report by Jodi Goldberg of Fox 5 NY, nearly 300 animals living in deplorable conditions were rescued from a New York home that was infested with cockroaches, mites and lice.

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According to the report, 51-year-old Karin Keyes was arrested and charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty confinement. Suffolk County officials learned of the conditions the animals were living in when Keyes asked her patients to feed the animals while she was away. Caregivers set off the fire alarm, and the fire department alerted Suffolk County to the situation.

Jed Painter, the bureau chief of the Suffolk County District Attorney's Biological Environmental and Animal Safety Team, reported that the home contained cats, rabbits, various birds, tortoises and snakes.

He also reported that the animals were living in such cramped conditions that cages were stacked allowing the animals to urinate and defecate on each other. Painter said "You're going to have things like conjunctivitis, hair loss, urine stains, unhealed injuries, scars and spring."

Keyes' friend Danielle Ward defended her, telling Fox 5 NY "When she found out an animal was sick or needed a home, she took it under her wing, and it got out of control."

Noble intentions aside, the conditions that these animals were living in was simply unacceptable. Organizations exist to help these animals, like the organizations in possession of the animals now. It's hard to find a reasonable explanation as to how things got this "out of control."

While Keyes may only have wanted to help those animals, she did just about the exact opposite. And now she faces fines and possibly jail time if convicted of the charges.

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